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Originally Posted by jgraves View Post
Everybody in PA and NJ know why you Giant Fans hate the Philadelphia Eagles, even though we support you when you are doing well. None of you will ever forget Deshon Jackson murdering you and making a fool of your punting team running back a punt return to win the game. It made you so mad and humiliated that the punter was fired right after the season. Your entire state had to go to rehab to recover. Yeah, I'm a Vick fan and just because he got into trouble doesn't mean you keep kicking him when he has paid his dues. He's better than the worst quarterback Dallas has ever had, Tony Romo.
I was at that game... You guys still didn't do shit last season so.... who gives a fuck?

I don't know a single Eagles fan that supports the Giants, ever.. Nor would any self-respecting Giants fan support the Eagles.... I hate the Eagles.. I hate the Cowboys.. I hate the Redskins..
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