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Originally Posted by Whack01 View Post
Now before I open this potential can of worms I just want to say I have searched through this and other forums & I understand what LCI stands for and that an lci 3 series has newer(creased) bonnet, new rear & front lights.

However my question is was there a model with the new bonnet & rear lights but not the headlights?

The reason for asking is that I am going to look at a 2008 318d m-sport next week that has the new style bonnet & rear lights but the headlights look like those from the previous model. I say looks as I have only seen pics to date and compared to other lci pics I\'ve seen the car is identical with the exception of the headlights!!
Sorry again for bringing up the whole lci issue
hmm....I think I've seen some posts from people asking "how to make their pre-LCI look like an LCI". I don't really know about your example though. Hopefully someone can confirm or deny the existence of that setup you're seeing.