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Originally Posted by iLUVBMWS View Post
then you should contact AA. i also have AA tune and was thinking of getting the off road version but after talking to karl, he did not guarantee it will turn off all the O2 codes, so i went with the normal tune and got O2 sim from BMS.
ya i talked to karl as well and he said they are trying this new tune witch is the one AA is looking for a 330 for now and he told me they use the euro spec tune and mod it since some euro spec cars come catless. if anything i just might pulg back my o2's back up and install the sim to see if it helps.
Also did u replace the lead gaskits on the header to the block?? and dose your car sound like it has a exhaust leak at low rpms??

also im assuming i just need one o2 sim for this not two one for each o2

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