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As others have mentioned, Garage Journal will get inside your head and change the way you see the place where you keep your car.

My plain-vanilla 328 doesn't get a spot in my garage. I made a little cover to go over it's piece of the driveway.

And since I do carpentry, metal fab and car work in my garage (and since the garage is only 20x22), I gave up one of the parking spaces for a more functional setup.

Every garage should have a workbench. Or two. Or ten.

Two fold-down from the wall where the car is parked.

One is hydraulically raised and comes up out of the floor:

It also works pretty well as a lift for my rear-engine track car:

Here's a video about the lift.

Everything in the garage is home-made, repurposed or second-hand. I did all the work myself, including laying the tile and installing the lift. The total budget for the flooring, cabinets, benches and lift was $3,500. (I found the lift on ebay for $455, and put another $215 into tool rental, concrete and tiles.)

And if that isn't enough over-documentation,

here's the video about the garage.

And while I know it looks all girly and clean in the pictures, it's a working garage that gets plenty messy: