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Originally Posted by Nickel///MboyZ View Post
Not for nothing, I dont know impressive as I never used them. But I am a sucker for choosing bad shops, so I feel your pain, until I met my official shop + this is the second time I have heard a bad review of them.

My advice, my official shop. MAC. As much as these guys take long to handle shit, hahaha, yes they do take kinda long,but they are phenomenal. The day I met them they had not had an ounce of training in HPF cars, but yet they were able to up keep my car for 2 years now with no issues. I have been to shops before where they couldnt fix my issues, but MAC was able to. I would highly express that sometimes its worth the wait to get something done the right way than to get it done twice and three times.
couldnt have said it better^^....for me i was the sucker for a close drive....that didnt work out well at i hike up to LI (which as of feb I wont have to anymore ) to have matt work on my car....i stand by the phrase "you gotta pay to play" and in my case "drive" too
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