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Cracked wheels....bad times

Found out last week that my 'slow puncture' was actually -

2 Cracks in my rear left alloy and
1 crack in my rear right alloy

After only owning the car for 10 days, not the happiest man in the world, but private sale, nothing I can do,

So I had them repaired and welded, not the best I know but had to do something temporarily.

Driving home saturday and my runflat light comes on the dash again, its still leaking by the looks of it! to BMW for a quote for 2 new wheels fitted and aligned, come out with a quotation of 1300, thanks for that.

Luckily my insurance company covers me for my wheels so I am having to claim through them for the damage, protected no claims luckily and only a 200 excess, hopefully have 2 brand new wheels fitted by the end of the week.

Does anyone elses BMW dealer deny all knowledge that they have ever heard of a 19" BMW alloy cracking because of run flat tyres and alloys made of cheese?!