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Originally Posted by Freddym11 View Post
looks good is that at regular height and is it on sport suspension?
There's definitely a drop on that e90. You can see the whole set at Vossen's site:

Originally Posted by ACEE View Post
I'm actually dropped on H&R Race and beside a roll thats all you should need. I actually have spacers on mine. I have 12mm spacers in the rear which brings the rear offset to +30mm. Now I do have smaller tires and slight camber, but I have figured out that I can still run the 285 tires WITHOUT spacers and less camber and still be perfectly fine. The natural negative camber that the car makes when lowered will actually help. So if you lower you'll be fine.
Very true, spacers are an option.

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I wanna see your car in person... care to meetup sometime?... maybe at LTBMW meet coming soon...
Yeah, keep me posted we can do that.

Originally Posted by triggz View Post
yes the CV3 are only available in 20s

however you can order the 19s and get them by the summer, as that is when they are expected to ship

i guess you just need to know the right people and not just believe everything a vendor/website has to say
True but let's be honest, they've been promising this wheel in 19" since they released it. I've heard they are coming this year, but I've been down that block before and wouldn't recommend it. It's not a fun place. Vossen's a great company but there's just too many variables in a situation like that. As a friend, I'd say go for a wheel that actually exists.