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CEL/MIL at engine start

I just got done having my '06 330i SMOG tested in CA and it failed because of what the tech said was a problem with the "Service Engine Soon" light (MIL). He told me that it needs to come on for several seconds after the engine has started.
I went home and checked this out. The MIL comes on when I turn the ignition ON but remains off if I depress the clutch and START the engine from ignition OFF.
I also talked to an SA at the local dealer and he told me that if it stays on then there's a problem...ok, thanks.

I think the SMOG tech is wrong and I'd like to find out how to prove it so I'm hoping to get some help from the community. What's the normal operation of the MIL during engine start? Does yours come on for a few seconds when you start the car?

Thanks for the help.