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Originally Posted by S1000RR Drag Racer View Post
I'm retired from the US Army. Obama inherited a real mess. It did not matter who won in 2008 Obama or McCain, because we would still be digging ourselves out of this mess and everyone would still be pissed off. Fighting on two fronts, borrowing money from China for seven years, and not paying attention to our economy for eight years is reallity. It is going to take time, but bullshit promises every four years and both Democrats and Republicans refusing to do what is right for the country instead of their own egos will never fix the problems.
Bad economy?

no problem. Were just going to pass legislation to further put a negative outlook on businesses that arent doing that well due to the recession.

we have a spending problem.... simple as that. We push the wellfare state, we want everyone to live the American dream (white picket fence) and then say, "oh it wasnt our fault all of these people defaulted on loans they couldnt afford (but were allowed to be given by legislation and more over using "private firms" to further push this agenda)

No doubt Obama inherited a problem by spend happy Bush, but spending more on silliness, passing harmful legislation, and not admitting that congress was liberal during some of that time is just plain selective hindsight.