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Originally Posted by HaveQuick View Post
As of right now he's playing. Do you know something that we don't? Also, he is not the only player on the team. Hernandez was all sorts of hurt all year and I'm sure Gronk's numbers would of not been the same it he was not. Plus there is Welker, Branch (old but can still make it happen), Ocho (this could be the game that they throw to him), and The Law Firm who has never fumbled the ball since before Jesus was born. I know how the world feels about Brady but he is my team's (I was born and raised in MA untill I enlisted so I am a real Pats fan) quarterback. I care not what anyone says. He gets the job done well.

I can't wait... Gronks numbers were along side Hernandez almost the entire season. Gronk is their big weapon. They have ABSOLUTELY no deep threat. The law firm is a mediocre running back AT BEST. Last time these two teams played the Giants D was still decimated. We started Danny Ware at running back with Jacobs getting the rest of the carries. No Bradshaw or Hakeem Nicks that game..

Pats put up 436 yards on the Giants and STILL lost.

I still think the line makes absolutely no sense. I can't see this game being as close as they are making it out to be.

Unbiased fans all agree the Giants should be the favorite...

I offered this bet to someone else... Pats win, I will put the Patriots logo as my Avatar for the month of Feb.. if the Giants win, you put the Giants logo as your Avatar...

Wanna bet?