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Glad you had a good experience with them. I, on the other hand, have mixed feelings about Bakersfield BMW.

I was looking at a CPO'd 335i...drove a few hours to see it and was glad that the sales person whom I was dealing with (internet sales manager) had the car prepped and detailed the night before and it was ready for me to look at.

Upon inspecting the car, I found the passenger fender to be ripped (yes, literally torn), the rear bumper looked like it was popped out from a fender bender and badly repaired, and the a couple of the body panels were way off compared to a normal 335. I asked about this and the general manager comes out and give me a spiel about how BMW would never CPO a bad car...and I'm thinking to the heck can you and your techs miss these obvious flaws? He goes on to say how the car has a clean carfax...and I'm thinking to myself, I'm not about to spend 40k on a car with these kinds of cosmetic flaws and who knows what's wrong with the car mechanically.

They were trying to swindle me and I politely let them know how I felt. Walked away and ended up with an even better car from a different dealership. Also didn't like the fact that I knew more about the car than the salesperson..I don't expect them to know everything but he couldn't even answer the most basic of questions without having to reference it. He was a good guy, but definitely not helpful.