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Originally Posted by TehKhy View Post
Question to those of you that have had lifters or a head replaced under warranty:
Was the ticking noise more apparent upon start-up in the morning?

Mine ticks like hell when I first start it, but then seems to fade as it warms up and becomes much, much quieter after the motor comes to full temp.
That is exact symptom of the design flaw of the N52 from 2006-2009ish. Get the process of the fix started ASAP. There is allot of information in the last 10 pages of this thread. Give it a read, it will help. Good luck going forward.

A quick link that I have provided in the past. A bit dated, but will give you an idea. BMW is well aware of the design flaw, though not too fond of fixing it, as it is money out of BMW's bottom line - $$$$$.

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