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I am very sorry to hear about your problems with Passport. I am also having problems with them starting back in Nov. My car would start but immediately cut off. It got towed to Passport and they said it was the idle control valve. So I told them to fix it - it was $700. The first week of Jan the car did the same thing and had to be towed again to Passport. They had the car 2 weeks and finally decided I needed a new vent valve - supposedly had a hole in it even though it was fine when the car was there in Nov. Another $600 which I paid. They said they definitely fixed the problem - I won't have any issues and if so they would pay the next tow bill. I get the car back and that very night the car is running horribly. I attempt to drive it back to BMW but don't make it. Car starts and immediately cuts off. Car has to be towed a third time. Now they say I need a new fuel pump and they want $750 to fix that and pay for the tow bill. I refuse to pay that. I said the car needed a fuel pump the first time and you didn't fix that. I call BMW NA and get them involved.. They are not much help but do call the dealer. Finally, the service manager calls me. I agree to pay for parts - $440 but not labor and not the tow bill. Now they are holding my car hostage over the tow bill. They say the vent valve did not cause the fuel pump problem so they shouldn't have to pay for it. I don't know what to do...

PS BMW NA told me that maybe I should find another dealer to take the car to... LOL