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Originally Posted by wantmye90
I really struggled with color too. I was leaning towards either Barrique or Mystic. Both were very pleasing to my eye, but I was afraid to drop 40K on a color that might not stand the test of time. I punted on SG because it has a funky lavender metal flake that shows in the sun - not pretty. Then there was silver and after I applied the Ben Franklin test it was a no brainer. Best resale, easy to care for, shows body's lines best, doesn't get hot in sun, and just plain beautiful! Only negative is number of silver cars on the road - but hey, there's a reason for that. I almost went with black interior but after finding this one I just thought it was very classy looking and had some good contrast versus the wood trim and dash. I too came from a beige interior and you'll like the grey - a nice change up.

The mats are the BMW grey all weathers (rubber). I highly recommend them - effective and nice looking. Don't get black - too many colors going on that way. These are dark enough to not show much dirt. Get your dealer to throw them in. They probably only cost him $50! About 75 msrp.

What other options for you? Good luck!

PM me your email address if you want me to send you photos of a 330 sport with black interior.
Thanks for the advice on the gray rubber mats. The cameleon effect of SG and Arctic Metallic just didn't do it for me - I liked the color sometimes and others times I hated it. The salesman said the paint process is different for those colors; something about three different paints in layers. The real negative is if you need some touch up paint - it's supposedly impossible to get a good match.

Anyway, the gloss on your silver paint looks really nice - what are you using on the finish? I just bought a Zaino kit to try. I've noticed looking at photos online that some TiAg cars definitely look glossier than others.