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Angry Continental Tire Problems

Wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem to mine...

I took delivery of my wife's 2012 328i Sport Wagon E91 just before Christmas 2011. I noticed almost immediately that it had a vibration between 60-80 mph and had a "sway" in the alignment, it would not track straight.

They picked the car up, said the tires were balanced fine but did an alignment. The sway was MOSTLY cleared up but the vibration was as bad as ever.

They picked it up a second time, this time admitting there was a vibration. They balanced the wheels, tried changing all 4 existing Continental tires to a new set of Continentals. Problem still persisted. They have found that another brand of tires, in my case Bridgestone, solved the problem. I have yet to receive the car back to see for myself.

This is a brand new car with less than 1,500 miles on it. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Are Bridgestones an exceptable brand?