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I got one and they work (sorta)

I could get DIS57 working but not Progman it says I don't
have the right Diag Head even though I have the Diag head simultor working on DIS57. Also be aware that if you have a car
built after 3/07 you will need a Dcan or Dcan plus Kcan cable.
You need a 32 bit operating system or a virtual xp mode for
windows 7 which means you need the pro or ultimate version of Win 7. DIS57 will run on Win 7 64 bit home with vmware.
This takes lots of disk space you need a spare 50 to 60 gigs to be safe.
Yes the cable works with all versions of inpa edibas and ncsexpert.
I have run DIS57 and got diag readouts and recoded some things in my 06 with this setup.(using ncsexpert)
Setting up the software is a little time consuming.(for DIS57)
The one I got, did not have and up to date version of inpa edibas and ncsexpert but the guy I got it from provided a download link
with updated software. I got the 6.4.7 and 5.02 version on the
download . The downloads from coding board are also good.
'This thread needs to be in the coding subforum'.
I got mine from one of the English vendors if you notice on there
picture of the inpa screen e90 is not displayed.
So I would ask for an 6.4.7 and 5.02 inpa edbiabas disk with your order.

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