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Originally Posted by Trevendous03 View Post
Absolutely right... these coding techniques are the same for OEM or aftermarket conversion. The wiring will be slightly different, but the coding is the same.

That cable looks just like my cable that worked for my 2006, but that doesn't mean they'd work the same. I'd either get the recommended cable or look for one on this forum from a seller who got it to work on their 2006.

DESI is right... coding and wiring must be done properly for the conversion to work. Wiring makes it function, and coding makes it function properly and error-free.

When I coded for xenon with $522 to the VO, I got values wert_02 wert_03, and both of those needed to be changed to wert_01. What's wild is when I turn my high beams on, I get my inner high beam halogen bulbs and my bixenon coming on at the same time. I changed the halogen high-beam bulbs to be xenon-matching, and it looks good.
I bought aftermarket DEPO 90s that have HID low beam projectors, while the high beams in other slot remain halogen. Should I still change the VO for xenons?