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Moving from RFTs to Regular Summer Tyres - Advice needed!!

After reading many posts on this forum, I have decided to take the plunge and replace my standard RFTs with non-RFTs. Currently driving a 2008 320d M Sport, running Potenza RE050A RFTs 225/45/R17s at the front and 255/40/R17s at the back.

I live in Malta and cannot find any of the premium tyre brands available in stock locally (Michelin, Pirelli, Conti's, Bridgestone and Dunlops). UK Online sites do not ship to Malta.

What I have found available locally are the following:

Vredestein Ultras Sessanta's in the correct size, speed and load rating. I have always gone for a premium brand tyre before hence my hesitation.
I would like to hear any feedback from anyone who is currently running Ultras Sessanta's. Most of my miles are done driving in urban conditions, but I enjoy the odd track day blast every now and then.

Have also found Toyo Proxes T1R's but the local agent does not have the 255/40/R17 in stock and has suggested I fit a 265/40/R17 on the standard rims instead. What's feedback on the Proxes? Anyone fixtted a 265 tyre on a 255 rim before? Is this safe?

Any feedback would be very welcome as I'm confused to say the least and need to replace my tyres very soon.