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Well I had my car in for the clutch judder issue last week. The dealer stated that BMW would only authorise the software 'fix' first which was horrible, took them two days and when I got the car back it drove worse than before as the car over rev's to try and mask the problem when pulling away.

The good thing was when they handed it back they stated that it had failed their testing and they werent happy with it, so back it went on Wednesday and I got it back today. Apparrently they had to strip the clutch and actually send pictures to BMW before getting authorisation for a replacement.

The car now feels much better, no judder at all and I'm sure it's actually a different type of clutch as it feels lighter with a higher biting point that makes it less of a chore in stop start traffic.

I'd actually gotten a little attached to the 1 series loaner I had for 4 days, a 2012 model with just 29 miles on the clock. It was a 118d sport and actually felt quicker than my lci
320d! The new interiors are very nice too when well specced with leather etc like this one was.