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Originally Posted by vomheimlin View Post
But wouldn't it seem likely these same set of problems could occur in this scenario (low beam HID projectors/halogen high beams) if someone coded for Xenons, and later used the high beams? (since halogens require more power to run than xenons)

I would think that changing the VO from halogens to xenons means that the computer is adjusting the voltage to the lights... in this case lowering it since xenons require less power, right? If so, starving the halogens of the necessary power to properly run them would cause stress somewhere in the electrical system which would potentially result in a failure. I only know this, because in my youth me and my friends would use Variacs to starve the voltage on our guitar amplifiers (like Eddie Van Halen), which sometimes popped our transformers lol.

So, I think the only safe way to do a retrofit is to either go all halogens or a bi-xenon setup. Any thoughts?
It's actually wattage, not voltage. I'm not entirely sure whether the car really sends less wattage after the VO is changed. I'm thinking it basically tells the car that the lower wattage ballasts are not blown 55W bulbs, so the ECU won't try to power off that section or try to throw errors. I could be wrong, but this makes sense to me, because here's what happens when I turn on my high beams... my bixenon activates and so do my inner halogen bulbs (even though I coded the VO $522). You would think in my case that my inner halogens wouldn't light up at all if less wattage was sent.

Even still, I'd do the VO $522 for xenons, and if your halogen high beams don't light, it's not that big of a deal. How often do you use your high beams? I'd think low beam failure and footwell module malfunction would be way worse.