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Talking Bimmian Projector Fog Lights Pre LCI e90 Unboxing DIY and REVIEW + HPB HID Kit

I would like to make a thread to post alot of photos of this item as well as a review of the product. There isnt much information about them so I hope this can be a resource for others.

Name:  box.jpg
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Front of Fog Light
Name:  front of fog light.jpg
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Rear of fog light
Name:  back of fog light.jpg
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Rear of Fog Light (H11)
Name:  h11 mount.jpg
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Name:  side of fog light.jpg
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Name:  side of fog light 2.jpg
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Top of Projector Housing
Name:  top of porjector housing.jpg
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Reflector with Guard
Name:  reflector with guard.jpg
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Reflector Guard Removed
Name:  reflector.jpg
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Back of Projector Lens
Name:  back of lens.jpg
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Tools Needed:
Jack Stands
Philips screwdriver
8mm socket and wrench/extension
(4) Bolts and (4) Nuts from Home Depot
H11 Bulb or HID kit
Pliers come in handy

I bought them the other day when they were on sale from Bimmian. They shipped to me by Philadelphia and were here in 3 days with cheapest shipping option. This was my first Bimmian purchase.

I ordered a 4300K HID kit from HPB to use in these. I opted for non canbus as I plan to just code them correctly.

They are well built and the finish on the front is very OEM. The lenses themselves are clear with no ridges or anything. Contrary to what Ive been told these were most definitely H11 bulbs and not 9006.

My one complaint is that they do not list bulb specs on the site, nor on the housing, nor through email when I asked. The item does not come with any sort of paperwork except your receipt. Packaged very well, but no instruction or specs.

Overall frame and housing seems like a durable ABS type plastic. The projector housing and lens assembly are of high quality metal. When shining a flashlight through it made a very sharp cutoff line and good spread of the beam. I will know better and update real results when theyre on the car tomorrow, and even more so when the HID kit gets here.

This thread will be updated as I add more photos and give my opinion of these units.

UPDATE 2/4/12

I installed the housings and they really make the front of the car look better. They match the appearance of the front of the car more, and look great with the stock Xenon projectors. I ran into a few snags while installing them.

It happens to be a major gripe with Bimmian. The bolts that hold the projector housing into the chassis are crap. I have photos of the stainless steel bolts I replaced them with from Home depot for $3. You need (4) of the bolts, and (4) of the nuts. You are replacing the black bolt and the knurled brass bolt where the projector housing is attached to the chassis. I highly recommend doing this now, rather than later on when they break. I snapped two of them during install with minimal force.
Here is what the setup starts with
Name:  screw in knurled-800.jpg
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Here is what happens when you go to install them. It seems like the threading is pressed in place in the knurled top portion, and definitely not made to take any sort of torque on it.
Name:  knurled broken-800.jpg
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Name:  bolts.jpg
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Name:  nuts.jpg
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Name:  bolt installed rear.jpg
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The cutoff line is clear and the spread of light is fine. I will say that with the OEM H11 Halogens, light output is less than ideal. I will be adding more photo once my 4300K HID kit gets here, and more install photos.
Name:  Overall front.jpg
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Name:  drivers side.jpg
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Name:  light off.jpg
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Name:  light on.jpg
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Just Angel eyes and Fog lights on. About 3 feet from garage door.
Name:  Cutoff Pattern.jpg
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HPB HID kit coming this week. Will update with review of them, more photos, and some more in depth install photos.

HPB H11 4300k Kit

Kit seems solid enough. Bought the one without error cancelling since I am coding out the checks. They match OEM low beam quite nicely, and seem to be of decent quality.

Name:  HPB BOX-800.jpg
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Mispelled "mannual"
Name:  Manual-800.jpg
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DIY-Kind of

Jack up the side doing the install-remove wheel
Name:  WIDE WHEEL OFF-800.jpg
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Remove the fender liner
Name:  Close wheel off-800.jpg
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Name:  Fender off-800.jpg
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This is the back of the area working in. Alot of space
Name:  fog area-800.jpg
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Attached the ballast to the brake duct using a dremel to cut out the hole for the bolt, and attaching the supplied 3M adhesive pad to the back.
Name:  brake duct-800.jpg
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Name:  brake duct with ballast-800.jpg
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