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ahhhh!!!!!! This is not fun :-( I think i just picked a wrong day to do this.

SO here we go. my status so far.

right now nothing on the evo-can. is working properly. it seems like it is just not recognizing anything :-(

the int-bmw2 is interesting. I got the key and barrel wires connected first. and i plugged the batter back to the car to make sure it still started and it did :-) Then I cut the brake wires and hooked all of that up and tried starting it and it started again :-)

weird thing is that when I have the car on and I press the lock button on the clifford remote it turns the car off. I know that the unlock button is connected to the int-bmw2 so I figured i know that part is working.

When i try to do the remote start I get 7 clicks from the clifford box. Im going to have to look in the manual and see what this means. This may be able to get fixed.

The only thing I can think of that is wrong with the EVO-CAN is that the firmware is 4.4.00 and the int-bmw2 says it needs to be 4.4.02 but the only thing i see in the notes is the handbrake enhancement and thats it!@!! All the evo-can does is keep blinking. It says you dont have to program it but IDK...

Maybe I need to do my CAN wires over again?????? They seem fine to me though......