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Originally Posted by BrianMN View Post
Overall the oil shows no signs of fatigue or degradation from heat; which has me rather surprised. Good nonetheless

Since this event last spring, I've added an AR Oil cooler (which did practically nothing to help temps) and also meth. Now without meth, temps stay down at roughly 275; but with meth it stays down to 265*

Well this is good news, since I am currently using Mobil 1 0W40, and plan to use it at the track. I previously used total oils for this car, and this is my first time using Mobil 1. So far so good, but the track is obviously the ultimate test. I perviously used total 10W50 (racing oil) for the track, aond 0/5W-30 for the street.

Brian, since you are interested in oil temps, you might want to read up on the N54, and how it handles oil temps (page 42-51)-->

I'm currently using the 1M/N55/335IS water pump, with a non oem whaler thermostat. My cruising oil temps now hover at 210F instead of 245F. However the track will tell if this route is a good way of managing oil temps.