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Originally Posted by The_Norwegian View Post
First of all sorry! but i dont like this at all!

This is a forum so both positive and negative comments are allowed. But seriously. A lot of ppl Style their car to look like an M3 it seems...But its not an M3..and why try to look like something its NOT!...I think it reflects more the person that tries to pretend he is something he is NOT! and that he HAS something that he DOESNT have! ...i think we call that a Wannabe were i come from . But hey....thats just my opinion. And dont hate me for it. Its just what i think. And i prefer clean car....and by clean i mean original...not a E90 with M3 Mods.... But there is a lot of really nice looking E90s on this forum that gives a lot of good ideas to clean styling!
The Norwegian spittin some fire for his first post. Have a heavy dose of that haterade this mornin'? But true, its all good my dawg. I'll PM some GMEN koolaid after big blue spanks that ass tomorrow night.

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