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Originally Posted by lemmegetatthat View Post
just curious, whats the advantage of giving you the 4.5k+500 to transfer vs. putting 5k down at the dealer? How was your msd refundable, but we wouldnt be able to do the same?
Here is the breakdown.

You give BMW $500 to xfer the lease.
You give me $4550 which is the security deposit I put down.
At lease end, BMW gives you a check back, in your name, for $4550.
Your total true cost to assume lease is $500.
If you went to a dealer....

You'd have to pay for tax, DMV fees (tags/license/registration), possible cap cost (down payment), and dealer fees - If tax included, this would be anywhere from $2000-$6000, and is NON-refundable. Then additionally, you could put down refundable MSD's to lower your payment. But still your true cost to start the lease would be at least $2000, assuming you could get to the same monthly payment amount on a fully loaded car. I always put down MSD's because it makes sense. You loan BMW money, they lower your monthly payment in return. In the case of this lease, I loan BMW $4550 over 34 months, and in return I save $52 a month for 34 months which equates to $1768 in savings over 34 months. That a HUGE return over 34 months. Show me somewhere else you could invest $4550 and guarantee that kind of return, because I'm in.....

My $620 a month payment, inclusive of tax is the same as a $570 a month payment base, without tax. That is with $0 cap cost down. Can you find another 335i M-Sport E93 loaded for that price?

Make sense?