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Originally Posted by travel4B
Thanks for the advice on the gray rubber mats. The cameleon effect of SG and Arctic Metallic just didn't do it for me - I liked the color sometimes and others times I hated it. The salesman said the paint process is different for those colors; something about three different paints in layers. The real negative is if you need some touch up paint - it's supposedly impossible to get a good match.

Anyway, the gloss on your silver paint looks really nice - what are you using on the finish? I just bought a Zaino kit to try. I've noticed looking at photos online that some TiAg cars definitely look glossier than others.
I am not a "detailer" like some of these guys, but I did my research and what I am using is the Mothers FX line of products. The Mothers FX Synwax is a synthetic liquid wax that goes on super easy and wipes off just as easy. You can wax the whole car in about 30 minutes, and the car looks fantastic. There's also a Mothers FX Tire spray (very good), and a Mothers FX Spray Wax that's good to use after each time you wash to keep your wax job topped off. Another thing I definately found to be a huge plus was to use microfiber cloths for washing, drying, applying wax and buffing. They just can't be beat and are great at cleaning anything - cheap too!

What options did you get with your car? I hope heated seats because they are without a doubt the best creture comfort this time of year (and I live in the south).