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Originally Posted by Cuba View Post
so im assuming these are supposed to direct the light output. Can you see a difference in visibility from the fog lights?
They have a much more defined output pattern than the oem fog lights. They have a very sharp, distinct cutoff line much like the OEM Adaptive Xenons do. If they're aimed correctly you get much better control of where the light goes than with the oem ones. I had the intention of getting an HID kit for my fogs, and didn't want to blind other people and thought a projector housing would be ideal.

So far with the same H11 bulbs from the stock housings, the pattern is much better, and the same amount of light is put forward. They're for aesthetics as well as making the light better.

So to answer your question. The available light is being used more efficiently. When I get the HID kit in it will be much more light, but not scatter and be more controlled. They're relatively the same as far as output as the stock ones with a more defined area of light so I guess they're a tad better.