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Originally Posted by bmw325i View Post
Seems very simple I am probably going to be doing this in the next few weeks. I think I am going with the viper 5901 I like that the remote can be set to vibrate or make a sound when the alarm goes off. Would it be possible to use d2d between the dlpk and alarm while wiring the int-bmw2 or would everything have to be wired. Not having to use the key does sound like a good thing because I dont like carrying arround 2 keyfobs. I am assuming that youd have to use the remote starter every time?
Yeah I think you have to use the remote start if you want to use no key. And no you caNT use the dlpk and int-BMW 2 together because they use two different transfer protocols.

If you want to use the int-bmw2 with the evo-can and use few wires then you need to find an alarm that uses the Fortin data link protocol.