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Maltese Falcon

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Maltese roads are not very good by any standard, and definitely worse than anything you find in London!! Current RFTs have lasted well with 25,000 miles done so far, and two track days thrown in. Wear has been even, and tyre performance has been average. M Sport setup and RFTs combo on Maltese roads, make for a very hard and uncomfortable ride. Hence my desire to ditch the RFTs!

Grip in the wet, whilst important (for obvious reasons ;-) is not a paramount consideration here in Malta, since it does not rain much generally. On the other hand, grip in the dry, and tyre wear are important considerations, especially since changing the 4 tyres will set me back £1,000.

Any other feedback on the Vreds? What is the grip in the dry like with Vreds? What about wear? Anyone tried them on a track?

What about mounting a 265/40/R17 tyre on a standard BMW alloy thatís supposed to be shod with 255/40/R17 tyre? Has anyone done this before? Is it safe? Any feedback would be as always welcome.