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hi Pat_03. sorry for reply u late, yea. we should, i have not order it yet, but i think i will order it on ebay, since it is cheap on ebay. lol.. btw, my car doesnt has any warranty left, i can not really find a good auto shop in halifax that has the good services on our car. such as oil change,.. so where do u have ur cars oil change done? i guess in burts shop right?
Hey Simon, I only let Burt touch my car. I just had an oil change done 2 weeks ago in fact. He uses the real BMW synthetic oil good for 10000km, and it is only about $75. The dealer charges $150 for the same thing, I am telling you man, he is the best person to work on these cars, hands down. It's still n ot going to be super cheap, but compared to the dealer it's cheap!