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Originally Posted by PeterM1 View Post
I'm looking at my data in trackmaster, average speed at Pocono IMSA (full course): 92mph. 30minute session yields no more than 250F w/STETT stg2. This will no doubt vary by driver level and no doubt there are plenty of drivers out there that will push much harder that what my data above logs. None of the other tracks in this area yield similar avg speeds for comparison.

As long as you're qualifying your statement that the ER dual core is the 'only one that seems to be good enough' to apply to your level of driving, then we're golden For some of us, the STETT stg2 kit has already proven sufficient.
Peter- Please don't think I'm calling you out or questioning your abilities or knowledge. Your past posts show you have many track days under your belt and a fair amount of general knowledge.

First off, I'm not even sure that the ER Oil cooler will keep temps at 250...especially without meth. I'm just saying that if there is a system capable of it; that would the one. It would appear the next option is to add more oil capacity. Perhaps bring the oil up to 10 or 12b quarts.. I've toyed with the idea of adding a 3qt Accusump; but just have never gotten around to it.
I don't know what the conditions of your track days were like that would bring your temps up to 300* and then allow your temps to stay at 250* for an all-out run. Perhaps the Stett Oil cooler really did bring your temps down from a repetitive 300* to 250* in the same conditions. All I'm saying is I doubt it.

I'm going to be replacing the OEM oil cooler core with an overly large Setrab core; so essentially that will be identical to the Stett OC kit with an additional (but small) Setrab oil cooler via the AR Design OC Kit. What I"m betting is that my oil temps will go from 265 to 260; given an 80* day at the same track, at the same power level. (FBO, 12psi with meth). Obviously I would love to say that the Setrab replacement core fixed it and brought the oil temps down to 250, but I do not see how that is possible.


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