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Finally got around to doing this today. It took me exactly 1 Hour and 23 Minutes. Follow the instructions and everything should go smoothly.

-You don't need to drain the coolant.
-You don't need to take out the airbox - just the piece that mounts onto the front with 2 hex/torcx/star screws.
-You don't need to remove the intake manifold.
-IF you choose NOT to take these things off (like I did) I recommend using a ratcheting 8mm box-end wrench. using a normal box end wrench will take forever unless you remove at least the intake manifold.

Again, following the original DIY is still the best way to do this, but it can easily be done within a couple hours without removing anything but the housing itself....and the front piece of the air box.

Thank you all for your suggestions and for the original post, it helped a TON!