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Scenario Advice, Car Purchase.

Hi all, a mate has purchased a BMW 325i e90 from a dealer.

The car is a BMW Premium Selection used car.

He buys the car and not 1 hour later whilst looking at it notices some waxing/polish residue on it, about size of a car mat say. he removes the residue to find a repair has been done ie: colour matched by a blind monkey it is that bad.

He feels that whatever he does, his car straight off the bat will always be worth less than a comparable car come time to sell. The BMW premium selection report mentions nothing of repairs or accident damge and lists the paint etc as good.

this from the BMW website:

100 Point-Plus Inspection.
Only the finest BMW vehicles are selected for BMW Premium Selection. Each vehicle must undergo an extensive 100 Point-Plus Inspection by factory trained BMW technicians. The stringent testing includes interior, exterior, mechanical and safety checks to ensure that each BMW Premium Selection vehicle is in optimum condition.

you would assume the car would be perfect based on the speel they have on the website.

He took the car to one of the select BMW approved repairers and they advised to fix a scratch to BMW standards, the whole side of the car ie: both doors, front and rear guard and roof turret to the roof rack line would be resprayed to colour match the whole car (which is fair enough). They also advised the car would never have made it to the BMW Premium Selection stage at their dealership.

The problem my mate has no matter how good the repair is and the BMW approved repairer also confrimed that at the first pre-inspection when he sells the car, the repair will be picked up and he will automatically be offered less, that is if he still has a buyer.

What would you do?