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Originally Posted by mapleridge
Originally Posted by rollinstone157 View Post
There's clearly an issue with installing them, for now, I would wait until they figure it out. They haven't shipped out too many thus far, so im sure they'll help you make it right. This is what happens with products in any industry sometimes, just the way it is.
I'm wondering if they did R&D on these things didn't they install a sample before releasing it? I know people are really pleased with a lot of their products but sounds like this one fell through the cracks. Who knows. It would be good if someone can clear this up with pics and such.
In the email they replied with to my concerns they actually stated they have not installed these on an e90 yet.. These LEDs are a joke, I feel the company is trying to work with me here but i have torn my car apart 3 times now trying to install these and I finally have them barely in there and I'm still having issues and they are not anything special. I would love to go back in and take pictures for everyone but I dont feel like it

I'll keep everyone posted on what I hear back today.