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This is the chain of events he said as they unfolded.

The car was purchased on Sunday afternoon (05 FEB 2012) and left the dealership 4:00pm, arrived home at 6:30pm (2 1/2 HOUR DRIVE) he Noticed the mark driving up the freeway whilst following in another car.

Got home, removed the residue and he took pics that night 7:00pm and emailed them to the sales guy who responded, took some more next thing in the morning he emailed them (Salesmans day off) was advised to take it back to Sydney to have it "BUFFED" out, as it could not be a paint issue as it had been inspected by several people.

After seeing where it is heading, he ADV the dealership that it will be taken locally and get an independent assesment, took it straight away to the local BMW authorised panel shop who confirmed it was a repair job and not something that could be buffed out and no way in the world could it have been missed.

This is the biggest purchase of his life and he is very upset, if you wanted to be F***ED up the arse by a car dealer you would've gone down to Parramatta Rd.

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