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Originally Posted by brakeboost View Post
In the email they replied with to my concerns they actually stated they have not installed these on an e90 yet.. These LEDs are a joke, I feel the company is trying to work with me here but i have torn my car apart 3 times now trying to install these and I finally have them barely in there and I'm still having issues and they are not anything special. I would love to go back in and take pictures for everyone but I dont feel like it

I'll keep everyone posted on what I hear back today.
What are you hoping to hear back? A lot of the AE upgrades are difficult to install because of the location and the size. The ones with a tight fit eventually fit it just takes patience. There are a bunch of threads and post about LUX for instance that its hard to install but eventually people get them in. Looking at the pictures above the upgrade appears to be better then stock. However, there is nothing special about an angel eye kit in the price range its in. The only thing different is its using high quality hardware, Cree leds. Whereas other solution use cheap knock offs that fail and or dont produce enough output. If you want something special plan on spending a few hundred for OSS.