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Got ///M??
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tks for the review/report!!!

my GF got one last night. she didn't arrive at my local apple store till 5:50pm, and still have no problem to get one and those 100 ppl behind her too!!

now, I could only wish my car will be here sooner so I can grab an iPhone myself to try it too!!

I currently using a blackjack & a ipod mini. so, I sure would like to replace both for one!!

p.s. off topic: yes, w/out 3G is a little drawback. however, I honestly not too care 'bout it!! EDGE isn't that bad, and 3G sux battery in no time!! (my blackjack w/ 3G mode will only last less than a day w/out much usage!! and I had since turned off the 3G and just use EDGE about two week after I got the phone!!) one of the reason apple didn't included 3G support on the current iPhone is they had yet to find a 3G chipset that doesn't sux up batter life or have it last as long as they would wanted to!!
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