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Originally Posted by Nigelo View Post
Hey! Happy days, another satisfied cobb user

I've a set of catless downpipes sitting waiting for stage 2 - but I can't actually imagine what another jump up will feel like.

The worst part is having to wait for the oil to warm up each time!
Ha Plus 1 on this, although having a remap already it is less of a jump. I blame it on the weather!

So I think all 5 out of 5 people had to send their Rom to Cobb. No big deal really, a little frustrating when you have a new toy, but the turn around was within 24 working hours. (mine foolishly was sent on the weekend!)

I flashed directly over my DMS map, with no issue whatsoever, and it gave me a good chance to judge the before and after effect of the two. I guess there maybe people wanting a comparison.

So having the DMS map RR'd at about 368bhp the first flash I went for was the Stage 1 aggressive. The install was fine, made sure I did it after driving the car for over an hour, all DRL's off, aircon etc. Flash was done in 35mins total. Not yet sure if I can still revert back to the DMS remap supposedly stored as 'Stock' on the AP device.
Some warnings turned up, cleared codes, very simple procedures on the AP.
I did notice after flash to Stage1 the golf tee mode no longer showed a code.

Anyway onto the driving experience.

The DMS map had been on the car for a year or so iirc. Was very happy, it had been faultlessly smooth and totally trouble free. Even with the occasional launch up the pod, it never misbehaved once.

The change I felt between the two maps which are essentially aimed at the same target audience, the difference of which is fairly pronounced. The rpm where the boost really made itself known came on stronger and alot sooner. I have not really run the car through the gears for lack of a legal way of doing so!. But foot down in second is very entertaining, and probably irresponsible with summer tires on!

Needless to say after a short time I can determine I am making more power, according to bum dyno, hopefully I can verify in due course. At the same time as installing the Cobb I put in an upgraded panel filter from Neil and I cannot say if this is making any difference but the car is making a nice noise when boost comes on. It is recommended on the Cobb site so cant be doing any harm.

The one change which I am not 100% sure on is the linear trottle. This is more complex than I really understand how they do it! but essentially it is supposed to allow the trottle position to translate into directly the requested increase in power. The stock mapping has a strange curve in which the last 10% or so of travel does very little.
The Result seems to be that the trottle is smoother and a little less responsive or twitchy (depends what type of driver you are I suppose).
In my initial experiences with it installed it does not seem to be spot on responsive, but I think this maybe to do with a required adaptation period from the car. Time will tell, but I will be interested to change to the 'stock trottle mapping to determine my preferred option.

Last but not least, the handheld unit can be used to monitor the live data as per the very nifty canbus features on piggys.
The downside is a cable plugged into the OBD port, which may get integrating as although out of the way tucked into dash/door gap not really a neat solution.
Anyway nice features such as true MPH read out, good fun to check against accuracy of the speedo, Live boost data (I must find out what minus figures mean!).
The oil temp can be shown in a blurred 3/4 figure sort of way, but interesting to watch the sometimes stumbling idle. I am sure there is a proper list of the features somewhere!

Looking forward to getting to stage 2+. Surely is going to be very quick.

So after a short time, feels like a good purchase for the cost, thanks to AR design for getting us a good deal, and the process was pretty much hassle free from start to finish.
and hopefully the pic shows the unit mounted showing live data, taken at an apparently, true 70mph, by a well positioned passenger of course.
Edit: which has turned upside down. erm you get the idea though.
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