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Awesome, awesome news. Thank you very much Armito for continuing to support this thread and help us with our installs.

Also appreciate your assistance x-ception with the blue cable. I was worried at first because all the google searches I've found about the blue cable is for the e60 5-series says it is for 'voice recognition'. I also broke one of the little clips on the blocks, got too aggressive taking it off at first. Had a fun time getting the microphone installed too, pain in the ass removing the light console. SO much easier back on the e46 and e36 to do these types of things.

My car is in the shop until next week, have a loaner 2012 G37x to kick around in until then... which has bluetooth and Sirius XM radio. Now I really want that bluetooth installed, and next I'm going after installing Sirius. Really enjoy the commercial free music.

Next week I'll try to code the module, if I run into any hiccups I'll contact Dimsum and go from there.