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For an XI I think that time is great! My only logged time of 11.98 seconds was with the car not running well so I've been wanting to try again. Trapping 117.5 on the vbox last night I wanted to keep in it but was coming up to a bend so I quit ~122. I don't see getting my JB4 + Meth + DCI setup below a mid 11 right now for 60-130, maybe a high 10 if I removed the seats.

Can you break it down so I can see the 60-100 and 100-130 from your run? Curious to see how you're doing on the later half.

Not many XI guys with vbox so small pool to compare to, what an awesome tool though, love the vbox!

* Was just looking at my vbox graphs of a few runs, looks like my best 60-100 is 5.14 and 100-130 is 6.26. Your 60-100 is faster, looks like close to 0.5s and 100-130 is probably 1 second faster.

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