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Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post
So have the BMW teams not petitioned for the engine, or have they and have been denied the opportunity to use the new engine? With all of the changes to the chassis for DP you would think they would allow the teams to upgrade their engines.
That is just the engine Turner initially got approved. They were running their Rolex GT as a M6 the first year. They then used the same Riley tube frame chassis setup and put a one-off carbon fiber M3 body on it. I am guessing rather than changing mid-stream and throw all their R&D and race data away. They kept the S62 V8, rather than modifying the engine subframe and mounts. It leads to a lot of changes on the car.

On a side note:

BMW is in talks with Grand-Am to bring the Z4 GT3 to Rolex next year. That will have the S65 V8. The 4.4L version found in the GTS.