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Smile 500whp/505lb-ft Vishnu Procede/PWM Meth/Turbo Dynamics Turbos

Hi guys,
Just got some dyno results sent from our friend Brady at Dyno Doc in Quebec ( Thought some may find it interesting. The car is a 6MT 335 running FBO with Turbo Dynamics Stage 2 upgraded turbos. It is also running Procede Rev3 with current 11-25 Aggressive maps (6MT Upgraded turbo map) on pump gas with our PWM Meth kit. On this Dynpack hub dyno, stock cars make ~265whp which is slightly less than on most typical Dynojets. Shown are two consecutive runs just before calling it quits. Running the default setting of 65% boost/0% IC (on meth), the car put down ~480whp. Brady then gradually bumped the boost setting while monitoring ignition advance logs at each step. At 90% boost, it made just over 500whp. At peak of 18.5-19psi@5700rpm (see boost log below). AFR is solid as well. The car is making great power (probably over 510whp on dynojet) and I think everyone is happy where it is at the moment. If anyone in Quebec is looking for a good tuner, definitely visit Brady at Dynodoc

Boost and AFR:

WHP and TQ: