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My friend got one lol paid $999 on ebay plus overnight shipping. ITs a piece of crap. He is pissed he got it already the service aint cheap its $100 a month plus the FCC taxes and stuff. The internet is very very slow. The actually keyboard is nice i think but not good if u type while driving.
What moron decided to put in a glass face yes it does scratch less but the first time u drop it i would think say bye bye to ur phone. OK biggest retard play of the year is NO REMOVABLE battery . Second bad thing for me it only uses Special SIM chip i have an AT&T phone and was not able to slot in my chip.
Since i need a phone that will take overseas SIM cards its not for me sorry. I am not paying Roaming Charges to AT&T from Moscow.
Will wait for vs 2.01 or Motorola or Nokia to make a clone that works better.
Also WILL it only work with IDRIVE if my car has the IPOD kit but no Idrive can i still use the IPHONE to listen to music through my car stereo.