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Originally Posted by s420merc View Post
My friend got one lol paid $999 on ebay plus overnight shipping. ITs a piece of crap. He is pissed he got it already the service aint cheap its $100 a month plus the FCC taxes and stuff. The internet is very very slow. The actually keyboard is nice i think but not good if u type while driving.
What moron decided to put in a glass face yes it does scratch less but the first time u drop it i would think say bye bye to ur phone. OK biggest retard play of the year is NO REMOVABLE battery . Second bad thing for me it only uses Special SIM chip i have an AT&T phone and was not able to slot in my chip.
Since i need a phone that will take overseas SIM cards its not for me sorry. I am not paying Roaming Charges to AT&T from Moscow.
Will wait for vs 2.01 or Motorola or Nokia to make a clone that works better.
Also WILL it only work with IDRIVE if my car has the IPOD kit but no Idrive can i still use the IPHONE to listen to music through my car stereo.
1. You're friend probably just feels like a dumbass for paying a G when they are still in stock at stores.

2. Service plans start at $60, not $100.

3. The internet is slow, that is true. Works for me though I mostly want to check my email.

4. I think the removable battery issue is blown out of proportion. I'm always near a computer or wall-jack to charge if I need to.

5. What should they use instead of glass? Watch this video:,545-...d,0/video.html

6. It uses a special sim card because the phone is locked to at&t, so if you need a phone that works overseas with other carriers this is probably not for you.

7. You should be able to listen to your music through the iPhone in the same manner you used your iPod.