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Originally Posted by JamesM3M5 View Post
Where did this assumed "500HP limit" come from? It's either a myth or the meth is enough to push it over the supposed limit.

The stock injectors were meant to flow enough fuel while on 5bar (low pressure if the HPFP fails), so you can imagine what happens when the pressure is increased by a factor of 20 to 40, something well over 500HP at 200bar. The only major bottleneck anyone has hypothesized is that the LPFP cannot flow enough to maintain that power level, but that has yet to be directly confirmed.
I actually asked a similar question in post#19.

500whp seems to be the cap until the AFR starts to look too lean for comfort. Dz recently found out that the Cobb was able to alter the DME to fix this issue (if any).

Here's a dyno of the RB where afr goes lean up top and i'm sure boost was taper down at the end.