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Originally Posted by JamesM3M5 View Post
Interesting. What was the tune? Flash, JB, Procede? Just curious, since the piggybacks are limited by fuel trims, where a flash should be relatively unfettered. I think Dzenno mentioned that his Cobb tune has tweaks to remove such limitations.

I'm sure Shiv is also working on something to smash that 500HP glass ceiling, otherwise a big single turbo kit is pointless.
well, Dz used both the jb4 and cobb so I'm assuming the procede and cobb should be able to mate together also.

The RB dyno was from shiv website with only the procede. That is why I asked the OP if he did anything to the DME with the procede to get the AFR so solid and the boost steady at 18-19psi to redline.