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Originally Posted by SELAX43 View Post
I'm aware of this issue like most E90 owners on this post and had the dealer replace the lifters at about 33000 miles. The ticking was never loud but present intermittently. Now with the lifters replaced I almost never hear the tick--almost. So a few times a year I do hear it for a couple of minutes and then it goes away. BTW my 2006 330i runs great and I have no other concerns related to the performance of this car. So do I push the dealer to replace the head? I'm not certain without knowing real damage is occurring. Pictures of worn parts would help convince me. It just kills me to have someone take the engine apart again. Fix this but now something else is not right.
I plan to keep this car for years but it is a second car and doesn't get many miles each year. Are there many e90 330 owners out there who maybe did what I had done (replace the lifters) many mile ago and all is well today? Meaning can the engine last without replacing the head?
I'm in the same boat as you. After the lifters it barely happens. I'm still getting it done though because eventually it will need it.