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There is a REALLY good reason why the DIY wasn't posted on Saturday, frankly the entusiast side of me wanted to do it, it had nothing to do with work.

The somewhat fantastical excuse is something users from the internet wouldn't believe so as soon as I post the DIY, I'll post the reason. Thanks

Originally Posted by Mr. 5 View Post
I just checked with the April thread as well, and that was weird finding that they are not a vendor anymore, but I can honestly say that I am not that shocked.
They constantly say that they are going to do something and never follow up.

For example, the last thing that they said that they were going to do was to post up a DIY on the splitters install and they never did. The last post that came from them was on Friday that said "I'll post it tomorrow," when they constantly mentioned that the reason why everything was slow is because they don't work on the weekends. How are you going to post something on Saturday when you constantly say that you don't post on the weekends?
There was just too many little promises that were broken.

I am happy with the splitters, but it took fricken forever!
I think they will be back soon, but I could see the conversation with the admins and BAVDOM---"I'll give you the sponsor funds tomorrow, I promise!" 3 days later--"I'll give you the sponsor funds tomorrow, I promise!" Then they got cut.