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How many times have you refilled your coolant?


I got the low coolant warning light yesterday, after I spun out from a drift (closed course). I stopped the car, switched it off, then started again, and the light went away. Through the hidden OBD menu, I checked water temp, it was 103 C while drifting and like 93 C when going home. Since other cars run at 90 or so C, I thought this was normal, and the low level light might have been caused by a splash of fluid.

Yesterday, I bought some coolant from BMW. Today, I went to fill it up, I opened the cap, heard nothing (pressure coming out or so), and after I unscrewed the cap, the dipstick was below the min mark. I filled it up so the dipstick is level with the top of the threads.

Now, is it normal to have to refill the coolant? The coolant was changed at my last service, 5/2011. I track the car here and there. The system should be closed though, so I'm guessing I have a leak? I also drive the car at high altitudes (this year like 2 months at altitudes higher than 1000 m above sea level - 3300 ft), not sure if that makes a difference.

Or has anyone had to top up the coolant without a leak? I'm just wondering if I should go to the dealer and INSIST they find something, or just let it be...

It doesn't bother me much when I'm in the city, but imagine having a leaky hose, that would let loose on me in the middle of nowhere - I'd rather prevent that...

On the other hand, going to the dealer isn't exactly around the corner - I go to Germany, which is like a 3 hour drive from my place, so I'd rather get there and insist, than just say "take a look, perhaps, uh, maybe..."