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Originally Posted by CanadianBMW View Post
Thanks for the quick feedback. The countdown for the front is still in orange, but the countdown for the rear is now in yellow. If I reset the interval through the dash will it give me the --------- (instead of CBS remaining mileage) once I do it?

Apparently the first stage of the sensor gets triggered at 50% of brake pad life, so resetting now with the old sensor might give me that "error". Any first hand experience with resetting an old brake sensor?
To my knowledge the physical sensor has no "stages". It is either a make or break wire type of system; on or off. Once the plastic encasement has been worn down and internal metal components of the sensor touch the rotor the sensor is trips. I would say you reset the service lights and call it done. Remember the mileage (or kilometers) remaining is purely an estimate of pad life as the car cannot predict your driving style.